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Here at the Dell, we strive to provide healthy, balanced, light meals to the children that attend our clubs, including up to five different varieties of vegetables per meal and a portion of fruit each afterwards.

We do also provide for all manner of dietary needs, and aim to offer great quality allergen free substitutions where necessary.

For more Detailed information, see our Food Policy

Due to the recent and ongoing issues created by the the Covid-19 pandemic, the Dell has decided to alter our services in regards to food and meals provided.


The most important change comes to our after school club, where we will no longer be providing a high tea as we have done in the past. Instead we are looking to offer a simpler snack option that is able to be prepared by staff without need of kitchen facilities such as toast/crackers, or ready-to-eat foods.

This is due to new health and hygiene considerations that must be made, as well as changes in staff ratios.


We are currently in the process of finalising the details of what food will be offered to the children and what times.

Holiday Club

During our holiday club, we offer an optional breakfast (at additional cost) with a choice of cereals or toast with spreads.

the children are served light snacks twice throughout the day between meals (rice cakes, fruit etc).

We expect parents to provide a packed lunch consisting of:

  1. a sandwich or substantial carbohydrate,

  2. at least one fruit or vegetable,

  3. various other snacks of your choosing.

We ask that parents do not provide their children with fizzy drinks, or any high allergen food products (namely nuts). we also ask that parents consider choking hazards such as grapes, which should be cut in half.

We later provide a light tea followed by fruit. In order to reduce sugar intake, small desserts are served on alternate days.

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